Time to take the show on the road

Here’s an acoustic version of Audioslave’s “Like A Stone” I played this spring. I really need to perform more, it’s good for my soul. I’m sure there are tons of opera/hard rock venues around town. It’s what all the kids are listening to these days. That and disco, of course.


  1. elise bowen says:

    before i listen, i do the farb mantra thing. been so long i forgot the melody so just spoke the words in gravelly old wimmin voice. now i can listen, i’m all gravelled up. professionals have warmups: there are lots of cool radio warmups. i would share but it’s not hallowe’en yet.
    farbie – this is so much better than fac… i can’t even spell it without alimentary discomfort.
    whatever is good for your soul is good for mine. herpies will flock to your venue.
    i’m wearing cans by razer – model kraken. don’t need the mic but makes me remember the old wheatstone board and the station ID … ♥ luckysitsinback will follow you wherever you permit

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